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in repose in the u.s. senate, robert byrd's body is in the -- >>> and why your office wasn't the only one with world cup fever. >>> chuck, what's ahead in weather? >> you better enjoy the cool weather because it is not going to last. a complete check of the weather coming up. >>> tiger woods not dialed in at the at&t nationals. serena williams plays for her fourth wimbledon championship. >>> plus, home swe one word turns innovative design into revolutionary performance. one word makes the difference between defining the mission and accomplishing the mission. one word makes the difference in defending our nation and the cause of freedom. how... is the word that makes all the difference. >>> 13 people were taken to the hospital after a carbon monoxide leak. high levels were at the apartment complex. the entire building was evacuated. >>> fire investigators say that it was a faulty refrigerator that led to a massive fire in frederick, maryland, last night. the flames broke out after 7:00 near an industrial building near all saints streets. nobody was inside at the time of the fire. damage is
spencer got an idea. >> you know a lot of the kids had never been outside of the u.s. before. some hadn't been outside of d.c. >> reporter: using about $50,000 in private donations, they decided to take the middle schoolers to africa. but he wanted more than a sightseeing trip. ♪ >> we want to spend time with the kids. >> reporter: they talked to them about aids and hiv, sharing what they've learned here in the u.s. with kids in a south african village, many of whom have lost at least one loved one to the disease. >> it reminds me of there were orphans. >> reporter: after what became a personal mission for the 14-year-olds, the highlight of the trip for the group. new young ambassadors took in a world cup match. ahmed washington at the world cup, actually has now been picked up by the soccer team here in d.c. >> yeah. how neat. >> yeah, d.c. united's team picked him up. >> a cool group. what a great experience. >> yes. they'll never forget it. >>> so are we done with the rain? >> for the time being, okay? it is going to return. and unfortunately, it's going to be some showers on our w
revealed new information about an alleged spy ring operating in the u.s. >>> it will be a subdued fourth of july on the gulf coast as holiday traffic is down 0%. >> enjoy your saturday because sunday's going to be cooking. >>> new helmet cam video shows how dangerous the frontlines in afghanistan can be for the soldiers. this video obtained by london's sun newspaper shows a british soldier being hit by taliban gunfire. he survived and after a few stitches he was back on patrol just a few hours later. but that soldier's company has lost nine members. another 12 seriously injured in the past five weeks alone. nato says 325 soldiers have been killed in the war in afghanistan this year. >>> the new american leader of the war in afghanistan an rbied in ta country today. the plane carrying general david petraeus landed at the airport in kabul. the general's an rival was not open to the media but the department of defense released video afterward. he was accompanied by the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan carl eikenberry and a senior civilian official from nato. the general is assuming command of
to an end. the russians accused of spying for the u.s. and britain are on american soil tonight. and members of the russian spy ring are back many moscow. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. that's in just a moment. first, breaking news. d.c. police are investigating a shooting where a child was shot. it happened in the 4900 block of mead street in northeast d.c. dorothy spencer is live at the scene with more on what happened. dorothy? >> reporter: good evening, doreen. i was just able to speak to the grandfather of this little girl just a few minutes ago. he says that she's 11 years old and that she was inside this house here behind me in the 4900 block of mead street northeast this evening with a bunch of other kids. they were inside the house playing a wii game when at least one bullet came into the house either through a window or a wall and struck this little girl on the hand. now, she was taken to an area hospital. obviously, with an injury but that was not life threatening. she was shot in the hand. he described it as a graze wound. but she is currently at the hospital at this hour bei
of the first u.s. visit from britain's new prime minister. david cameron will meet with president obama tomorrow. administration officials say talks likely will touch on whether bp pressured scottish officials to release a libyan. his name is abdel al megrahi. he was convicted of bombing the pan am flight 103 in 1988. 189 americans were killed in that. megrahi was released last year after doctors said he had just a few months to live. just a few days after the prisoner transfer was worked out, libya and bp signed an offshore drilling agreement. >>> just hours after an impassioned plea from president obama, it appears democrats will have the 60 votes needed to pass an extension of unemployment benefits in the senate. with the interim senator from west virginia being sworn in tomorrow morning, a vote could come in the afternoon. 2.5 million americans have lost unemployment benefits since congress allowed the benefits to last in may. if the extension is passed, most of them will be covered through november. >>> local police are on the lookout for marijuana. they're looking in fields, fores
hopkins accomplished things like getting an internship in the u.s. congressman's office or getting accepted to college, his whole northeast d.c. neighborhood took pride. >> he was doing very well in school, had overcome a lot of challenges to graduate from high school, enroll in college, internal capitol hill. this was a young man who is an example to other young men and women in his neighborhood. >> reporter: cody hopkins raised joshua since he was 5 months old. that's when her sister, joshua's mother, was murdered. he grew into a young man who watched out for the woman he calls mom. >> i see her walk down to the door to make sure my ride is there before i leave. he'll leave before i come out the door. >> reporter: joshua was shot and killed at the rec center just after midnight friday. he had been playing basketball with friends. a memorial for him has been set up at the scene. his cousin, lester davis, says the teenager liked to kid around and may have said something that offended the suspect who then took things way too far. >> the individual that did this, they didn't just tak
experts are predicting the case will end up before the u.s. supreme court. that ruling in arizona was welcome news to immigrant advocates who got together at a rally outside the white house today. the demonstrators are asking president obama to grant temporary relief to millions of undocumented workers and to stop deporting the parents of children who are u.s. citizens. dozens of children who say they've been separated from their families are part of that rally today. among them was 7-year-old daisy clelus. back in may that girl from maryland made national headlines had she revealed her mother's undocumented immigration status to first lady michelle obama during a visit to a school in silver spring. her mother reportedly is from peru and has overstayed her visa. daisy did not speak to the crowd or to reporters today. >>> about 18,000 people are still without power tonight. and many of them are pretty aggravated, especially those who live in neighborhoods where those with and without power are divided by just a few feet. craig melvin is in one such spot in wheaton, maryland, tonigh
and partners at risk. >>> the taliban says it has one of the two sailors that disappeared. u.s. and nato officials say they cannot confirm the reports, but have confirmed that two american navy personnel were last seen in the logar province. >> there is an amazing amount of effort going on to find them and search, and beyond that, i wouldn't -- i can't discuss any additional details. >> officials are offering no details. >>> and chuck is going to come back, and he will tell us about the workweek forecast. look at the sky. wow. [ male announcer ] this rock has never stood still. since our beginning, we've been there for clients through good times and bad, when our clients' needs changed we changed to meet them. through the years, when some lost their way, we led the way with new ideas for the financial challenges we knew would lie ahead. this rock has never stood still. and there's one thing that will never change. we are, the rock you can rely on. prudential. >>> bp's chief executive may be out of a job. tony hayward could be gone as early as tomorrow. hayward has been criticized for the
that is a taliban strong hold the u.s. military is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the sailors' safe release. >>> rising water from a breached dam is threatening houses in eastern iowa tonight. flood waters from the river pushed a 30-foot hole in the dam. take a look. 1,200 people have been asked to evacuate. torrential rain has pounded that area in recent days. as many as nine inches has fallen in some parts. >>> finally, some good news for the gulf. it appears the broken oil pipeline may be spared from a direct hit from bonnie. we'll talk about that plus the push to get legal marijuana for some veterans. >>> and the local boy brings home top honors and bragging rights. >> that is pretty cool. nfc east rival gets a jump on training camp. th a. >>> the death toll has climbed to western germany. the crowds panicked inside a tunnel and started a stampede. the love parade is a music festival that began 21 years ago. 1.4 million people were there today. after the stampede people urged investigators to keep the festival going. >>> just hours after tropical storm bonnie fizzled, crew
conference already under way between u.s. president obama and chinese president hu jintao. >> as i already said privately,
without his u.s. citizenship. >> i am here to wear the flag proudly and become an american. >> a proud experiment started 234 years ago, and it continues to be there. honor independence the best way you know how. >>> there was an unexpected hiccup at nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. a world championship got in hot water. he was arrested at the contest. the japanese contender sat out because he refused to sign a contract with major league eating. yes, that's a major league group. he crashed the stage and he was wearing a free kobe shirt. there you see him. he was arrested and charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. >> it amazes me how the skinniest people are the championship eaters. >> yeah, it's all about technique, apparently. >>> we talk not only about the 90s, now we have to open the door a crack maybe for 100 on wednesday. or even more. yeah, we are looking at some pretty important weather coming up. hot weather to say the least. there is one little bit of good news to offer, so far humidity has been on our side. the humidity is lagging behind, which is good. if it w
after being pulled from the river from the u.s. park police detective. they spotted scout running loose suffering from heat distress. when they tried to capture him he ran and jump into the the river. the detective jumped in after him and rescued scout. >> the dog was circling and just his snout was above the water. >> they cited the dog's owner of the district for having his dog off his leash. he paid a $25 fine. he told police he had been playing tennis and had left the dog outside for about 30 minutes. >> 30 minutes or more in 97--degree weather with no shade or water, and then the dog may have been worn out from the panic situation. >> hudson told news4 he was wrong not to have his dog on the leash but questioned the way the police handled the situation. >> obviously wanted to catch him or decided to catch him, and made a case out of it, and they wound up with cruisers and police chasing him. >> police want to remind pet owners that animals can get overheated quickly. >> don't leave an animal out in the bright sun or out exposed to the hot and humid air because it could be very harm
in the dark. >>> the army private being investigated for a wikileaks document is on the way back to the u.s. the pentagon is also focusing on him in the latest disclosure of secret documents related to the war in afghanistan. they are determining the risks by the leak. they came down hard on the website that released the documents. >> there is no accountability. there is no sense of responsibility. >> the truth is, they might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier of that of an afghan family. >> nbc news has learned that man willing face a court-martial. >> congressman charles rangel said he is ready to defend himself against 13 ethics violations. they revealed the charges against rangel today. they include failing to report rental income on a vacation home and accepting benefits from donors. he said he is not guilt of ethics violations. a congressional trail could begin in september. >>> the washington red skins have a new coach a new general manager and a quarterback. the talk continues to center around the highest paid player. here is more. >> wouldn't be a red skins
to shirley sherrod, the u.s. department of agriculture worker fired for racial comments. the white house admitted that the administration acted too quickly in calling for sherrod's resignation. a further look at the naacp video showed that she was talking about racial harmony and the president called her today and said that he was sorry for what happened to her and urged her to take a new job with the agriculture department. >> obviously, she has a remarkable story. he expressed his apologies for the events of the last several days. >> shirley sherrod said she had a very good conversation with the president but she still hadn't decided whether she works in government again. >>> kind of a pleasant summer night right now but that's all going to change tomorrow. we could be in for some record-break og preive heat. and advisory has already been posted for tomorrow. john's in alexandria to give us a report on how people are planning to stay cool. let's go to veronica. really rough? >>> it is going to be rough. the next two days, in fact. here's the thing were we're going to have record heat a
, a u.s. world cup veteran comes up big. a phenomenal shot. that's what i was hollering about. couldn't believe that shot. got saved there. game stayed scoreless, then the 9th minute, still no score. bottom of your screen. pretty pass. prettier finish. wow. d.c. united loses one nil. ouch. >> okay. thanks, hakem. >>> up next, an nba player's plea deal [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money? meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪ >>> cavalier's guard pleaded guilty to weapon charges today. police released video showing the nba star being pulled over for speeding last september. they say he was carrying two loaded handguns, a loaded shotgun and knife at the time. the judge sentenced
of a global nuclear war initiated by the u.s., then spent more than an hour answering questions from senior government officials. he stepping down in 2006 tu to hello problems and at this time he handed power over to his brother. >>> a man and his wife were sentenced for spying for cuba. 73-year-old walter kendall myers was sentenced to prison for life. his wife gwendolyn got three years. the myers passed information to handleres. >>> a man in quebec canada was so upset about his property tax bill that he tried to pay the tax with more than 200,000 pennies. nor man's tax bill rose by nearly $4,000. he ended up driving to city hall with a kitty pool full of 2,018 pennies. said his stunt was a little wait how fios takes your hd higher. to a 100% fiber optic picture. to more hd channels than cable. it's also the ultimate on-demand hd movie experience with the movie poster gallery. and the ability to search your hd titles by content or actor, not just title. by changing that old cable technology, your hd tv can finally reach its lofty potential. it's time for fios. visit call
into that country to join terrorist groups to fight u.s. forces in afghanistan. live tonight from alexandria, craig melvin, news 4. back to you guys. >> thanks, craig. >>> we're learning more tonight about a local art dealer who was murdered in maryland. she gained worldwide regard for her work restoring paintings, and investigators say she was killed in the studio she loved. john shriffen joins us from outside that studio in rockville with the latest. john? >> reporter: tonight i got a chance to speak with the victim's mother. she was too emotional to go on camera but told us that her daughter spends her life dedicated to the field of art. police say it was here behind me at this art studio where the woman was killed by the hands of a handyman who allegedly beat her, stabbed her, dumped her body in the district. and police say the murder weapon, a pair of scissors. >> anything that is applied in this world on an artistic world is from an upper god that created all of us. >> reporter: in a taped interview, the 45-year-old described her love for the arts. after graduating from high school in montgom
! >> high intensity on the floor of the u.s. house last night. democratic congressman anthony weiner went on the attack against republicans during a debate on the health care bill for people who got sick after the 11th terrorist attacks. the democrats wanted to change the voting procedure to keep republicans from adding amendments to the bill. the bill ultimately failed. >>> a sale that has become so physical, some women even trained for. we are talking about that wedding thing they do. brides going for gowns. it happened this morning. the goal snag ad designer dress that could be worth $9,000 for less than 300 bucks. that's incentive. many women camped out at filene's base many overnight to be among the first to get in. some guarded dresses until their friends could try them on. in two minutes 1,700 dresses were stripped off of the rack. >> looks like -- >> there were some casualties as well. [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money? meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a money bar that shows what's scheduled to go out, what you've put aside... and how much you r
. >>> still ahead on our broadcast tonight -- new video shows the dangers for u.s. troops in afghanistan while the president addresses the leak of secret documents related to the war. >>> a local restaurant employee in trouble after people found drinks that smelled like bleach. >>> and why the new trend in hollywood movies is making some people ill. >>> how about our forecast, veronica? >> it's going to be hot now. tomorrow is going to be the first day this week with temperatures back in the 90s. hot, humid and possibly stormy. the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. about what you give up, and not what you get? like electricity, for gadget power at your seat. room to stretch your legs, and your wingspan. food whe
with conspiring to act as secret agents on behalf of russia. there's speculation that u.s. and russian officials may be arranging a spy swap. a scientist jailed six years ago in russia could be among tohose exchanged. an arraignment for all suspects is scheduled tomorrow. >>> police in fairfax county are hoping that surveillance video released today might lead them to the person who murdered 19-year-old vanessa pham. the video shows her white toyota scion leaving the fairfax plaza shopping center on june 27th. the car waited at the parking lot exit, waited longer than usual, before it turned south onto gallos road. ten minutes later, pham was found stabbed to death in her car that had crashed. >> she could have been on the cell phone or perhaps the individual that perpetrated this tragic crime was in the vehicle at the time. detectives are still trying to determine that. >> pham's funeral was held today in vienna, virginia. she had just finished her first year at the savannah college of art and design. >>> still ahead at 11:00, a tour boat sinks after a philadelphia crash spilling people into th
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